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M1ANot assignedNot assigned
M2ANot assignedNot assigned
M3ANorth YorkParkwoods
M4ANorth YorkVictoria Village
M5ADowntown TorontoHarbourfront
M5ADowntown TorontoRegent Park
M6ANorth YorkLawrence Heights
M6ANorth YorkLawrence Manor
M7AQueen's ParkNot assigned
M8ANot assignedNot assigned
M9AEtobicokeIslington Avenue
M2BNot assignedNot assigned
M3BNorth YorkDon Mills North
M4BEast YorkWoodbine Gardens
M4BEast YorkParkview Hill
M5BDowntown TorontoRyerson
M5BDowntown TorontoGarden District
M6BNorth YorkGlencairn
M7BNot assignedNot assigned
M8BNot assignedNot assigned
M9BEtobicokeMartin Grove
M9BEtobicokePrincess Gardens
M9BEtobicokeWest Deane Park
M1CScarboroughHighland Creek
M1CScarboroughRouge Hill
M1CScarboroughPort Union
M2CNot assignedNot assigned
M3CNorth YorkFlemingdon Park
M3CNorth YorkDon Mills South
M4CEast YorkWoodbine Heights
M5CDowntown TorontoSt. James Town
M7CNot assignedNot assigned
M8CNot assignedNot assigned
M9CEtobicokeBloordale Gardens
M9CEtobicokeMarkland Wood
M9CEtobicokeOld Burnhamthorpe
M1EScarboroughWest Hill
M2ENot assignedNot assigned
M3ENot assignedNot assigned
M4EEast TorontoThe Beaches
M5EDowntown TorontoBerczy Park
M7ENot assignedNot assigned
M8ENot assignedNot assigned
M9ENot assignedNot assigned
M2GNot assignedNot assigned
M3GNot assignedNot assigned
M4GEast YorkLeaside
M5GDowntown TorontoCentral Bay Street
M6GDowntown TorontoChristie
M7GNot assignedNot assigned
M8GNot assignedNot assigned
M9GNot assignedNot assigned
M2HNorth YorkHillcrest Village
M3HNorth YorkBathurst Manor
M3HNorth YorkDownsview North
M3HNorth YorkWilson Heights
M4HEast YorkThorncliffe Park
M5HDowntown TorontoAdelaide
M5HDowntown TorontoKing
M5HDowntown TorontoRichmond
M6HWest TorontoDovercourt Village
M6HWest TorontoDufferin
M7HNot assignedNot assigned
M8HNot assignedNot assigned
M9HNot assignedNot assigned
M1JScarboroughScarborough Village
M2JNorth YorkFairview
M2JNorth YorkHenry Farm
M2JNorth YorkOriole
M3JNorth YorkNorthwood Park
M3JNorth YorkYork University
M4JEast YorkEast Toronto
M5JDowntown TorontoHarbourfront East
M5JDowntown TorontoToronto Islands
M5JDowntown TorontoUnion Station
M6JWest TorontoLittle Portugal
M6JWest TorontoTrinity
M7JNot assignedNot assigned
M8JNot assignedNot assigned
M9JNot assignedNot assigned
M1KScarboroughEast Birchmount Park
M1KScarboroughKennedy Park
M2KNorth YorkBayview Village
M3KNorth YorkCFB Toronto
M3KNorth YorkDownsview East
M4KEast TorontoThe Danforth West
M4KEast TorontoRiverdale
M5KDowntown TorontoDesign Exchange
M5KDowntown TorontoToronto Dominion Centre
M6KWest TorontoBrockton
M6KWest TorontoExhibition Place
M6KWest TorontoParkdale Village
M7KNot assignedNot assigned
M8KNot assignedNot assigned
M9KNot assignedNot assigned
M1LScarboroughGolden Mile
M2LNorth YorkSilver Hills
M2LNorth YorkYork Mills
M3LNorth YorkDownsview West
M4LEast TorontoThe Beaches West
M4LEast TorontoIndia Bazaar
M5LDowntown TorontoCommerce Court
M5LDowntown TorontoVictoria Hotel
M6LNorth YorkMaple Leaf Park
M6LNorth YorkNorth Park
M6LNorth YorkUpwood Park
M7LNot assignedNot assigned
M8LNot assignedNot assigned
M9LNorth YorkHumber Summit
M1MScarboroughScarborough Village West
M2MNorth YorkNewtonbrook
M2MNorth YorkWillowdale
M3MNorth YorkDownsview Central
M4MEast TorontoStudio District
M5MNorth YorkBedford Park
M5MNorth YorkLawrence Manor East
M6MYorkDel Ray
M6MYorkMount Dennis
M7MNot assignedNot assigned
M8MNot assignedNot assigned
M9MNorth YorkEmery
M9MNorth YorkHumberlea
M1NScarboroughBirch Cliff
M1NScarboroughCliffside West
M2NNorth YorkWillowdale South
M3NNorth YorkDownsview Northwest
M4NCentral TorontoLawrence Park
M5NCentral TorontoRoselawn
M6NYorkThe Junction North
M7NNot assignedNot assigned
M8NNot assignedNot assigned
M1PScarboroughDorset Park
M1PScarboroughScarborough Town Centre
M1PScarboroughWexford Heights
M2PNorth YorkYork Mills West
M3PNot assignedNot assigned
M4PCentral TorontoDavisville North
M5PCentral TorontoForest Hill North
M5PCentral TorontoForest Hill West
M6PWest TorontoHigh Park
M6PWest TorontoThe Junction South
M7PNot assignedNot assigned
M8PNot assignedNot assigned
M2RNorth YorkWillowdale West
M3RNot assignedNot assigned
M4RCentral TorontoNorth Toronto West
M5RCentral TorontoThe Annex
M5RCentral TorontoNorth Midtown
M5RCentral TorontoYorkville
M6RWest TorontoParkdale
M6RWest TorontoRoncesvalles
M7RMississaugaCanada Post Gateway Processing Centre
M8RNot assignedNot assigned
M9REtobicokeKingsview Village
M9REtobicokeMartin Grove Gardens
M9REtobicokeRichview Gardens
M9REtobicokeSt. Phillips
M2SNot assignedNot assigned
M3SNot assignedNot assigned
M4SCentral TorontoDavisville
M5SDowntown TorontoHarbord
M5SDowntown TorontoUniversity of Toronto
M6SWest TorontoRunnymede
M6SWest TorontoSwansea
M7SNot assignedNot assigned
M8SNot assignedNot assigned
M9SNot assignedNot assigned
M1TScarboroughClarks Corners
M1TScarboroughTam O'Shanter
M2TNot assignedNot assigned
M3TNot assignedNot assigned
M4TCentral TorontoMoore Park
M4TCentral TorontoSummerhill East
M5TDowntown TorontoChinatown
M5TDowntown TorontoGrange Park
M5TDowntown TorontoKensington Market
M6TNot assignedNot assigned
M7TNot assignedNot assigned
M8TNot assignedNot assigned
M9TNot assignedNot assigned
M1VScarboroughAgincourt North
M1VScarboroughL'Amoreaux East
M1VScarboroughSteeles East
M2VNot assignedNot assigned
M3VNot assignedNot assigned
M4VCentral TorontoDeer Park
M4VCentral TorontoForest Hill SE
M4VCentral TorontoRathnelly
M4VCentral TorontoSouth Hill
M4VCentral TorontoSummerhill West
M5VDowntown TorontoCN Tower
M5VDowntown TorontoBathurst Quay
M5VDowntown TorontoIsland airport
M5VDowntown TorontoHarbourfront West
M5VDowntown TorontoKing and Spadina
M5VDowntown TorontoRailway Lands
M5VDowntown TorontoSouth Niagara
M6VNot assignedNot assigned
M7VNot assignedNot assigned
M8VEtobicokeHumber Bay Shores
M8VEtobicokeMimico South
M8VEtobicokeNew Toronto
M9VEtobicokeAlbion Gardens
M9VEtobicokeBeaumond Heights
M9VEtobicokeMount Olive
M9VEtobicokeSouth Steeles
M1WScarboroughL'Amoreaux West
M1WScarboroughSteeles West
M2WNot assignedNot assigned
M3WNot assignedNot assigned
M4WDowntown TorontoRosedale
M5WDowntown TorontoStn A PO Boxes 25 The Esplanade
M6WNot assignedNot assigned
M7WNot assignedNot assigned
M8WEtobicokeLong Branch
M1XScarboroughUpper Rouge
M2XNot assignedNot assigned
M3XNot assignedNot assigned
M4XDowntown TorontoCabbagetown
M4XDowntown TorontoSt. James Town
M5XDowntown TorontoFirst Canadian Place
M5XDowntown TorontoUnderground city
M6XNot assignedNot assigned
M7XNot assignedNot assigned
M8XEtobicokeThe Kingsway
M8XEtobicokeMontgomery Road
M8XEtobicokeOld Mill North
M9XNot assignedNot assigned
M1YNot assignedNot assigned
M2YNot assignedNot assigned
M3YNot assignedNot assigned
M4YDowntown TorontoChurch and Wellesley
M5YNot assignedNot assigned
M6YNot assignedNot assigned
M7YEast TorontoBusiness reply mail Processing Centre969 Eastern
M8YEtobicokeHumber Bay
M8YEtobicokeKing's Mill Park
M8YEtobicokeKingsway Park South East
M8YEtobicokeMimico NE
M8YEtobicokeOld Mill South
M8YEtobicokeThe Queensway East
M8YEtobicokeRoyal York South East
M9YNot assignedNot assigned
M1ZNot assignedNot assigned
M2ZNot assignedNot assigned
M3ZNot assignedNot assigned
M4ZNot assignedNot assigned
M5ZNot assignedNot assigned
M6ZNot assignedNot assigned
M7ZNot assignedNot assigned
M8ZEtobicokeKingsway Park South West
M8ZEtobicokeMimico NW
M8ZEtobicokeThe Queensway West
M8ZEtobicokeRoyal York South West
M8ZEtobicokeSouth of Bloor
M9ZNot assignedNot assigned