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DV 01DevonshireDevonshire Parish
DV 02DevonshireDevonshire Parish
DV 03DevonshireDevonshire Parish
DV 04DevonshireDevonshire Parish
DV 05DevonshireDevonshire Parish
DV 06DevonshireDevonshire Parish
DV 07DevonshireDevonshire Parish
DV 08DevonshireDevonshire Parish
FL 01DevonshireDevonshire Parish
FL 02DevonshireDevonshire Parish
FL 03DevonshireDevonshire Parish
FL 05DevonshireDevonshire Parish
HM 14DevonshireDevonshire Parish
HM 15DevonshireDevonshire Parish
HM 16DevonshireDevonshire Parish
HM 18DevonshireDevonshire Parish
HM 19DevonshireDevonshire Parish
HM 20DevonshireDevonshire Parish
CR 01Hamilton ParishHamilton
CR 02Hamilton ParishHamilton
CR 03Hamilton ParishHamilton
CR 04Hamilton ParishHamilton
FL 04Hamilton ParishHamilton
HS 02Hamilton ParishHamilton
HM 08City of HamiltonHamilton
HM 09City of HamiltonHamilton
HM 10City of HamiltonHamilton
HM 11City of HamiltonHamilton
HM 12City of HamiltonHamilton
HM 17City of HamiltonHamilton
HM 19City of HamiltonHamilton
DV 03PagetPaget Parish
DV 04PagetPaget Parish
PG 01PagetPaget Parish
PG 02PagetPaget Parish
PG 03PagetPaget Parish
PG 04PagetPaget Parish
PG 05PagetPaget Parish
PG 06PagetPaget Parish
HM 01PembrokePembroke Parish
HM 02PembrokePembroke Parish
HM 03PembrokePembroke Parish
HM 04PembrokePembroke Parish
HM 05PembrokePembroke Parish
HM 06PembrokePembroke Parish
HM 07PembrokePembroke Parish
HM 08PembrokePembroke Parish
HM 09PembrokePembroke Parish
HM 13PembrokePembroke Parish
HM 14PembrokePembroke Parish
HM 15PembrokePembroke Parish
HM 16PembrokePembroke Parish
HM 17PembrokePembroke Parish
HM 18PembrokePembroke Parish
HM 19PembrokePembroke Parish
HM 20PembrokePembroke Parish
GE 02Town of St. GeorgeSaint George
GE 03Town of St. GeorgeSaint George
GE 04Town of St. GeorgeSaint George
GE 05Town of St. GeorgeSaint George
HS 02St. GeorgeSaint George
CR 04St. George'sSaint George’s Parish
DD 01St. George'sSaint George’s Parish
DD 02St. George'sSaint George’s Parish
DD 03St. George'sSaint George’s Parish
GE 01St. George'sSaint George’s Parish
GE 02St. George'sSaint George’s Parish
GE 03St. George'sSaint George’s Parish
GE 04St. George'sSaint George’s Parish
GE 05St. George'sSaint George’s Parish
GE CXSt. George'sSaint George’s Parish
HS 02St. George'sSaint George’s Parish
MA 01SandysSandys Parish
MA 02SandysSandys Parish
MA 03SandysSandys Parish
MA 04SandysSandys Parish
MA 05SandysSandys Parish
MA 06SandysSandys Parish
SB 01SandysSandys Parish
SB 02SandysSandys Parish
SB 03SandysSandys Parish
FL 01Smith’sSmith’s Parish
FL 02Smith’sSmith’s Parish
FL 03Smith’sSmith’s Parish
FL 04Smith’sSmith’s Parish
FL 05Smith’sSmith’s Parish
FL 06Smith’sSmith’s Parish
FL 07Smith’sSmith’s Parish
FL 08Smith’sSmith’s Parish
HS 01Smith’sSmith’s Parish
HS 02Smith’sSmith’s Parish
SB 02SouthamptonSouthampton Parish
SB 03SouthamptonSouthampton Parish
SB 04SouthamptonSouthampton Parish
SN 01SouthamptonSouthampton Parish
SN 02SouthamptonSouthampton Parish
SN 03SouthamptonSouthampton Parish
SN 04SouthamptonSouthampton Parish
WK 01SouthamptonSouthampton Parish
WK 03SouthamptonSouthampton Parish
PG 01WarwickWarwick Parish
PG 04WarwickWarwick Parish
WK 01WarwickWarwick Parish
WK 02WarwickWarwick Parish
WK 03WarwickWarwick Parish
WK 04WarwickWarwick Parish
WK 05WarwickWarwick Parish
WK 06WarwickWarwick Parish
WK 07WarwickWarwick Parish
WK 08WarwickWarwick Parish
WK 09WarwickWarwick Parish
WK 10WarwickWarwick Parish

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